bus stop

Like strangers meeting at a bus stop
Uttering words only when needed
Between a hello and a goodbye
And when the bus arrives
One of us goes on board
And never look back.



train ride

We are all passengers
Boarding a train no one knows its destination,
Folks, youth, children
Replacing the ones that leave
At every stop it can possibly take few breath,
We might either be among who leave
Or being left
Well, most probably both.

It may be only one train
But remember,
The seats are many
Filled and empty,
We may change places sometimes,
To enjoy views by the window,
To catch up with old friends,
To make new ones,
And to randomly indulge in life stories.

You should realize by now,
We are all on a pretty exhausting
Yet exhilarating ride,
Though behind us fear is chasing
Curiosity is going to save us from upfront,
Therefore start pondering yourself
Your heart and your mind too,

“Do you know who sits beside you?
Will you bring them with you?
Or are you still watching flashbacks on the glass window?
And leave like how you first board this train?”



When time and people
Swiftly pass by,
In memories sometimes I stuck
For in there,
I can always replay everything
That fresh feeling of joy and happiness,
I can watch us having a blast
Like we were the only ones living,
And the rest of the eyes didn’t matter
Because we built our own bubble there,
A bubble that were meant for us
A haven where our own laughs echoed.

My mistake
I believed in forever and beyond,
In something so delicate and fragile
Wishing it to be solidly permanent,
I missed glimpses of fingers outside
Poking our bubble till it popped,

And some of us began to walk out
Leaving just me and the empty chairs,
And these pieces of ripped bubbles,
Nothing can make this whole again
But their return
Making a new one

“Was I too selfish?
To own the thought
Of having you,
All six of you to myself”.


Happy Sibling’s Day.

same you

To those who are still
The same person I know
From the first moment we met
And never ever change since,

Maybe it means nothing to you
But my happiness grows from you
And forever your names will be
Engraved on my tombstone of life,

So thank you,
For not changing who you are,
The you I had chosen to love
With all your beauty and flaws.



Funny how we used to make promises,
As if the faces would never fade,
Believing the clouds would always stay in its place,

But oh well, look at us.

We’re walking on opposite roads
Stumbling across new hellos
And somehow,
Those knots seem blurry now
Perhaps we forget
Or maybe we were just too naive
To learn about temporary things.

Still dear precious,
Don’t point the arrows towards them
And don’t you lock yourself in your own prison of guilt
For no one is at fault
When it comes to growing up.

After all,
We were just a bunch of innocents
With nothing
But sparkling eyes and white hopes.


knock knock

Mom used to say
“Don’t open the door for strangers”
I guess I just wanted to be kind to my guests
And so I opened it anyway.

A long time they stayed
“Maybe they’re happy here”
So I closed the door
And kept serving tea for them.

But days passed
And the porcelain cups were stacking up, undrank
I could see their lively eyes
When they stared out of the windows
And I’ve decided
I should let them go.

One by one faded into the mist
But they left their balloons of hearts with me
I kept them safe in my room
Full of other heart balloons
And then I heard it again.

Knock knock

“Hi welcome”

This time,
They have knives in the pocket
But they seem happy to enter
And I want to be polite too.

“Come in”.


“it’s my fault”

“It’s your fault,” he said
For spraying all of my room,
With a tin filled with chemicals
Till the whole room
Smelled like a mosquito nightmare.

“It’s your fault,” he said
For causing myself to breathe difficultly,
And funnily, that comes from a smoker
Who is the real murderer
To his own child.

Is there any difference anyway?
When cigarette smoke slides down under my door
Multiple times a day,
Taking up the entire space of the room
That almost makes me choked up whenever I hide under my blanket.

So, I told him
If you want to kill me so badly
I would prefer letting me, kill me,
Since you do not care of anything under this roof
You would not probably care if all you ever find later
Is me lying on the cold floor,

So excuse me, this is my “fault”.


from afar

You might have no idea
Behind those faces
Among the crowds,
I was there
Watching from a distance,
And when everyone dispersed
Like a dandelion dust,
I slowly stepped away
Swallowed by people
And perhaps,
How proud I was
You might still have no idea.



Innocent child
With his red cape, young and wild,
All terms are his to own
And the world grants him a throne.

Unknown of what he’s going to brace
Waits for him is a mortal space,
Chained up by mentality scars
A slave for his own wars.



In between laughs and whispers
I see words floating in the air
Kissing each other like balloon letters
To be wasted it’s not fair.

In my mystery box of mind
Thoughts scribbled all over
Uttering them would be fine
But to write I rather.