I woke up and went to the kitchen to find my mother, sitting on the bar stool while scrolling her Instagram. Leaning my head on her left shoulder affectionately like a toddler, I murmured

“I’m happy”

Puzzled and slightly chuckled, mom must’ve thought that her daughter woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 

“Hmm?? Why? Something you wanna share?”

“Nah, I’m just… happy”

Lately, I’ve came to realize that happiness isn’t as expensive as people think it is. From what I’ve learned, part of it is all about appreciating the right people.

It’s true when they say we only realize one’s significance only after it’s gone. We fail to grasp that people come and go, even the ones you thought never would. You’re fortunate if that person creeps back into your life even after you just realize their value. But what if they don’t? What if you realize it way too late?

Sometimes, I think we look too hard, we don’t actually realize. While we search for beautiful uncertainties, we lose grip of worn out ropes. Truth is, you don’t have to strain your eyes and walk miles to look. Just OBSERVE what and who is in your life right now. Is it a lot? Is it just a few? Honestly, who cares? The point is, you still have them and they still have you.

The thing about us humans is that we’re constantly in a so-called life mission to search for new things. For MORE. Because well, our excuse is that we’re so used to the things that are currently in our life, it feels boring. We want ADVENTURE, we want THRILL, we want ADRENALINE RUSH. And what’s an adventure if we don’t go a little bit risky, we say. By risky, it means gambling your entire trust to a stranger. 

Don’t get me wrong, new things and new people are great! I love learning them. Unfortunately, it is our nature as a human being to be forgetful. Once we found new things, we abandon the old ones (most of the time). And we come back to them only after we get slapped by truth.

We take things for granted, really. Purposely or not. We chase after the wrong things. We appreciate the wrong souls. And worst of all, we CHOOSE to do both. Unconsciously or not. 

Perhaps it’s time to redeem those wrong choices while you still can. After all, mistakes are what make life more meaningful. Start observing the people and things within your radius. Learn to appreciate their existence. Love them even if there’s possibility of leaving. Stop looking for perfection for no such thing exists. Accept them for who they were, for who they are and for who they will be. Stop waiting for people to make the effort. Remember, people are only as important as you want them to be. 

The right ones will meant to stay. Who knows, maybe it’s the ones that have already stayed with you since the beginning. You just need to focus your view on them. You’ll see, they’ve always been there all along. 

Stop chasing. Start appreciating. 🙂

“….the best thing that’s ever happened to you is sitting there, right under your nose”

– Rosie Dunne. Love, Rosie. –


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