It was fine back then
I thought it was natural,
Friends will have to be apart someday
No matter how platonicly close they were,
Physically distant is inevitable
We ARE holding our maps
Following the trails of our dreams.

But never had I thought
Nor expect,
That we would be eventually
Speak in different languages,

As I once believe like a child,
Of us being telepathies,
We could read each other’s minds
With the help of two cunning glances
And not a single word at all,

But now it seems I lost that ability.

WE lost the ability.

I could be undoubtedly wrong
Though somehow I can feel

A tiny shred of insincerity,
In our chats when all I read was
“You know, this and that”

And I realized
“So this is it”
“The day we ran out of topics for real”
I couldn’t recall imagining to have such moment
At least not with you.

And there are still so many things
In our bucket list we fail to scratch out,
Not even deep talks and stargazing till 3am,
Neither slumber parties
Nor spending a night for holidays,
Oh well,
Perhaps the list had gone rusty in your memory chestbox.

I now see you celebrating blast
Though not with me,
But if what makes a true friend is
allowing you to have more of it,
I’ll be taking a step back or perhaps few,
And I will surely do it so discreet
So subtle you’ll can hardly notice,

For being a sacrifice
Is what I am unconciously always be.



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