We are all passengers
Boarding a train no one knows its destination,
Folks, youth, children
Replacing the ones that leave
At every stop it can possibly take few breath,
We might either be among who leave
Or being left
Well, most probably both.

It may be only one train
But remember,
The seats are many
Filled and empty,
We may change places sometimes,
To enjoy views by the window,
To catch up with old friends,
To make new ones,
And to randomly indulge in life stories.

You should realize by now,
We are all on a pretty exhausting
Yet exhilarating ride,
Though behind us fear is chasing
Curiosity is going to save us from upfront,
Therefore start pondering yourself
Your heart and your mind too,

“Do you know who sits beside you?
Will you bring them with you?
Or are you still watching flashbacks on the glass window?
And leave like how you first board this train?”



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