When time and people
Swiftly pass by,
In memories sometimes I stuck
For in there,
I can always replay everything
That fresh feeling of joy and happiness,
I can watch us having a blast
Like we were the only ones living,
And the rest of the eyes didn’t matter
Because we built our own bubble there,
A bubble that were meant for us
A haven where our own laughs echoed.

My mistake
I believed in forever and beyond,
In something so delicate and fragile
Wishing it to be solidly permanent,
I missed glimpses of fingers outside
Poking our bubble till it popped,

And some of us began to walk out
Leaving just me and the empty chairs,
And these pieces of ripped bubbles,
Nothing can make this whole again
But their return
Making a new one

“Was I too selfish?
To own the thought
Of having you,
All six of you to myself”.


Happy Sibling’s Day.


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