Come to think of it, actually the more people you know, the lonelier you get. Because quantity doesn’t necessarily reflect quantity. Sometimes, small circle is perfect enough. And I’m grateful among those faces I’ve known, I have one similar to that. I thought by involving in societies, you get more friends but I was deeply wrong. Most of them turn out to be a disappointment to me. You get to see varieties of personalities and attitudes within them which don’t seem to fit your puzzles and you end up learning that not everyone is like you. Not all can embrace criticism and certainly, not all can satisfy your expectations. It’s kinda sad to know that they choose to behave certain ways when they can be so much better.

Grateful that I have my own small family which is perfect to me and that’s enough for me to make my days brighter. They’re the ones I will always return to at the end of the day, no matter how long we don’t meet each other. We always make time for each other. Even if it’s 30 mins, that’s more than enough for me to look at their faces with my own eyes.

Qayyum, Nadh, Amir, Min, Mun.

I love you guys.


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