Do you want to have a good job with good salary?

Do you want to hold certain significant titles?

Do you want to have a job that doesn’t require much work?

I do, certainly.


I’m not with you (if you want those three) entirely. I guess, I’m different from most people in that subject. You see, I’m born with this unique trait where I value satisfaction and contentment rather than wealth and glam. Something I got from my mom, I think. The reason I call it unique is because we rarely meet these kind of people nowadays. I’m not trying to show off by saying I’m one in a million. Well okay I am one in at least a hundred but it’s more to me being grateful.

We’re living in a swift-paced era with the advent of new technologies breeding per month and it’s the highlight of every conversation. It’s definitely inevitable to restrain yourself from having the desire to improve your living status and especially, your gadget’s. To me, it’s quite normal because we’re surrounded by things that influence us to be better and better. But, better has limits, which is why I’m gonna talk wealth-wise.

High salary = good life, low salary = you’re dead. Most of you must’ve known these popular equations by now (unless you’re 2). For people who have lived healthily up to this day, we’ve been through those phases where our parents or any other adults you know, brainwashed us with that traumatizing yet annoying life equations. Thankfully, I’m no math genius so the equations somehow didn’t apply to me. Till today, I don’t and I can’t see the logic behind them like who created that in the first place anyway?

Unfortunately, that shapes the dogma of our culture today. And then, there’s me. The kind of person that they would actually label a ‘rebel’ because I don’t conform with the typical norms. But like people say, there’s no fun in life if we always stick to the rules. Gotta break ’em once in a while 😉 . And it’s a self-satisfaction too when I could prove them wrong. I believe that uniformity is good for smoothness of events but I also believe that it discourages creativity. If everyone thinks similarly, how can we innovate? It’s like a blank white paper and no splash of colours.

Back to the job subject , if everyone wants (or have) to be doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountants etc due to its rewarding salary and high-profile status, who is going to design the house? Who’s going to be the next Shakespeare? Who is going to be the next Picasso? Who is going to be the next Mozart? The next Ibn Sina? The next Ahmad Ammar? There are so many other prospects that can be explored. The world is diverse and so are we. It’s human nature to be different from one another because our thumbprints say so.

It’s not wrong to be different. It’s not wrong to choose something that is rare or something that people think it’s not going to benefit you. That’s what THEY think. If YOU think it’s beneficial, then it will. Your definition of living is not equivalent to others’. Some see people’s smiles as the real wealth. Some see their passion and serving the community as THE value. Money is not the only value you can gain. After all, it’s up to Him to decide. Instead of chasing after monetary, why don’t we do something with sincerity and let money comes along the way?

Therefore, choose what you want to choose and not based on others’ preferences. The community needs people like us. Know that. 🙂

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”

-Maya Angelou-


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