I’m grateful to be an introvert. Not everyone is. Some of us envy those who are extroverts, because communication is their power but for us, nothing is pleasurable than keeping everything in ourselves (and in our minds).

If you’ve watched The Perks of Being A Wallflower, the main character Charlie is the perfect description of us. Within our minds, we have this virtual typewriter to type whatever things that we see and hear. Even if it’s as trivial as watching people eat. We observe and record everything. It may sounds creepy and weird but at least, we don’t go around letting out the cat from the bag. We’re intrigued with the occurrences around us especially the details that people normally don’t care. Every second is important and we cherish that.

You may think being introvert is easy. We just keep quiet and don’t talk much. Truth is, we use as much energy as extroverts, perhaps more because our minds are hectic like a factory. And at some point, it’s tiresome. It happens even without us want it to happen because we can’t help it. For instance, I have to study in the library instead of at the cafes or my eyes will try to keep up with every thing people do and my assignments will be untouched. It’s inevitable to focus at your friend’s face when she or he’s talking while people are laughing at the background. I’ve to try my very best to pay full attention in class but at the same time, my mind wanders off outside. Now you know how difficult for us to restrain ourselves?

Although it eats up our energy and sometimes, my eyes get quite strained because of too much observing, I don’t hate it. Actually, I feel blessed because I can see what people normally wouldn’t care to see. I mean, they always tell you on Twitter “when people remember the details” “wow they actually listen to me”. Yeah, that ‘people’ are us. You’re welcome. 🙂 We’re the kind that please people without anyone noticing it because we don’t want them to notice it. We love to go undercover. The spotlights are too flashy for us but we do applause for those who stand under them.

I just want introverts to know that it’s not just them. It’s not just them that are weird and quiet. You’re not alone and I feel you. And I want you to love this ‘creepy’ self of yours and be proud of it. It takes guts to admit that you’re an introvert. But, you know what? We have that special POWER that extroverts don’t have. The power that no one can does it better than we do. The power to appreciate silence in a world full of loud voices.

“I would admit I’m an introvert. I don’t know why introverts have to apologize.”
-Bill Gross-


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