Home. Sunday. Cats. Unlimited food. Bed. Family. Comfort.

I just got back home yesterday and I’m on my one-week break from a month of hustle (which is more to come). Missing blogging so much! I had tons of things to write about amidst all that observations of people and blank stares in classes. It’s just that I didn’t have much free time to sit in front of my lappy and blogging. Assignments had taken over my leisure and the little time left was designated for sleeps. By the time I wanted to write down my thoughts at the lower side of my notebook, they flew away, instantly. Well, extroverts need their mouth but introverts need pens.

Anyway, the weekdays before I would say that I was actively involved in a significant event organized by my course, Bachelor of English Student Society or BENSS. I chose to be in Publicity & Promotion a.k.a. Pub & Pro because I’ve always love to work behind the scenes and not face-to-face tasks. I’m proudly to say that I typed all the viral messages and the daily itineraries for the event. Also, I had to take care of registration desk along side with my other teammates. Funny twist for someone who refused to do jobs involving communicating with people but no regrets felt! Amazing experience actually, I didn’t expect that I could handled it quite well. In fact, I met new faces and learned new skill, being friendly. AND, I achieved one of my dreams!!! *screaming internally*

Having one of your wishlist to be ‘checked’ is like winning a lucky draw to be on a cruise around the world. 11/2/15 was yet to be my favourite date of the year so far. Or perhaps, my entire life? So, what was this dream-come-true? Embrace yourself, people.


Okay there’s no necessity to put it all in bold and caps lock but I just have to. The rush is still running in my blood as we speak, telepathically. Being a booknerd, heaven is defined by getting the opportunity to be up-closed with your dream author and was able to talk to them. Meeting them was one thing. Being one of the committees and getting signature with special remarks are completely another! Other speakers were inspirational as well, which sparks me to write this post.

It’s written on my profile that my ultimate dream is to be a writer. And I couldn’t think of any other jobs that I can fit but watching and listening to the awesome speakers like Aiman Azlan, Ameen Misran and Aisyah Shakirah delivered their talk, it came to me that perhaps, I can be them too. Yes, I’m not good at speaking in public let alone answering random questions from the crowd. But I want to inspire people. Be it verbally or not.

I want someone among the millions in the world to be my fan. I want someone to spend their money and buy what I produce. I want someone to read what I write, it may be that others don’t like it but it’s his or her genre. I want someone to tell me or email me expressing their thankfulness to me for writing something that can take their desire back to suicide or to encourage them to look at the brighter side of life. I want someone to look up to me and say, “I want to be like her”. I want someone to feel the adrenaline rush when he or she asks me to sign their book. I want that because of me, I give hope and spread positivity. Because of me, they want to be a writer when they grow up. Because of me, they unite to continue whatever legacy I leave behind. Because of me, they want their kids to make me as a role model. Because of me, they restore their faith in humanity. And because of me, they want to inspire others as much as i want to inspire people.

Impossible? I think so too but having big dreams is not a crime. I believe in impossible because the world has already full of unrealistic and unfulfilled possibilities. Might as well we go beyond, what do you think?

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.”
– Langston Hughes –


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