I love people. I love observing them. I love watching people observing other people. I love watching their expressions and reactions. I love admiring a single woman sitting down at the corner of a cafe with her camera and books while looking out the glass window like it’s a scene from a romantic comedy movie. I love stalking behind shelves of a cool guy with earphones stuffed in his ears and a backpack in a bookstore. I love watching friends joking around with each other. I like seeing babies and kids cry because that’s the only thing they can do ; they don’t have to care about the world and hold responsibilities. I love imagining the possibility of events if they do what they do the other way around. I love eavesdropping on conversations between strangers and lovers which never fail to carve a smile on my face no matter how crappy it is. I love seeing old sweet couples relaxing on a bench under a shady tree at a park like they’re the only person existing in this world because it restores my faith in true and unconditional love. I love the deep stares between a husband and a wife and those invisible glittering sparks flying around newlyweds.

I love looking at their dull “oh..” when I told them I’m a UIA student because they expected me to enroll in a more elite university. I enjoy their disappointed faces when I do what they don’t want me to do. I love seeing them go speechless when I succeedingly prove to them of what I believe in which they had opposed in most of the time. I love hanging out with people who have broad minds and who never feel offensive when our opinions collide. I angrily love the look of people lying on my face when I knew it the whole time.

It makes me wonder sometimes, does someone ever observe me from a far? Ever wanted to approach me and start a conversation? Ever had the desire to get to know better? Ever felt that i’m awesome and cool? Maybe yes, maybe no. But if there was, I wouldn’t be questioning all of these right? Let’s say if there really was someone, perhaps he/she missed the perfect timing and I’m here thinking that he/she thinks badly about me or whatsoever. And boom, nothing happens.

And you know what I hate about people? I hate that I cannot read people’s minds. I cannot expect what they’re going to say and I cannot get myself prepared. I hate when people take control over someone’s life as if it’s theirs to own. I greatly dislike people who create unnecessary slenders and also those who stupidly spread it. I hate people who were absent in someone’s happy and proud moments and out of the blue, are now annoyingly wanting to be present. I despise people who talk when they don’t have the right in doing so. I hate people who think ‘sorry’ is enough to clear out their mistakes without any further effort. I hate people who hold their ego like they should’ve held their loved ones. I loathe people who play with other people’s feelings like toys and can easily escape from the consequences. I detest them who act like they care but they don’t and those who take advantage of others’ kindness and innocence. And what I hate the most is people who backstab their friends and they who aren’t humane and behave like an animal.

People will never have duplicate characters with one another and that’s why it’s difficult to differentiate them. We can never know how many masks they wear. Yes, they make you feel uplifted and hurt you at the same time but they come across your life for a reason ; to stay or to be a lesson. Nevertheless, it’s a blessing to have people who love you for who you are, who will always there for you in times of laughter and tears and who will never ever break your trust. Cherish them for as long as you live because you can never find another.

“No matter what happens in life,be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.”

-Taylor Swift-


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