There was a girl
Grew up in a small homey town
Showered with love and care
Of a perfect mom, a brother and a granny
Was ambitious and energetic
Always strived hard in school
High respects from teachers and peers
Admiration from juniors
Great student and child
That’s what people perceived.

Along the road
A rocky bump she came upon
Childhood wrongly predicts
Reality was a deceiving fairytale
And life does what its best at
Intertwining and entangling
Took a while for her
To get her grip back
And rise
Slowly her eyes were wide opened
And she’s not alone.

Can’t be detached
With problems, worries and regrets
She came to accept the fact
That it’s a universal law
Everyone faces it
Everyone experiences it
And everyone has to go through that black hole
Just to survive
And find their self
Lost or new.

She’s living her life
Not just existing
Enjoying every second, minute and hour
Embracing positive vibes and beautiful flaws
Mingling with variety minds
Letting go of the pasts
Looking forward for changes.

Proudly admitting
She loves this her.



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