Mother’s Day was few days ago so this is a late post. Before I start to write and describe my mom, I wanna wish all the wonderful mothers out there, HAPPY LATE MOTHER’S DAY. No matter if you’re a single mother or what not, you’re still the greatest inspiration to your children. Without you, we wouldn’t exist or even setting our feet on this world. But, you know, every day can be Mother’s Day so don’t ever stop making yours feels special. 🙂

My mom. I could say that every time I think about her or talk about her with someone, shedding tears is inevitable. There’s so much sacrifices she made for me and sometimes, I think mine isn’t enough for her. She bared the excruciating pain of labour for hours and I feel guilty for making her felt that. But even so, she still smiled when she looked at me for the first time with her lovely eyes and held me in her arms. Though I didn’t know what happened in details when I was born, I’m sure that was one of the happiest moment in her life. Since then, she tried to become the best mother she could and she still is. She took care of me and my brother, she spent time with us, she sent us to kindergartens, schools and tuitions, she came to almost all of the events held in school to support us, she was by my side when I received my flying colours result for all major exams, she stayed up the night to accompany me completing my pile of homework, she asked us every day if we’re hungry and then she would buy us food even though the night was already late, she doesn’t mind at all spending her money on her children as long as we’re not suffering, she worked hard to earn money for us, she fulfilled all of our needs and most of all, she prioritizes her children more than anything. 

I posted this on Facebook, “Like how oxygen is vital to mankind, that is how important mom is to me. Without oxygen, we’ll die and without mom, my soul will die,”. I’ll be emotionless and will longing for her every single second. Till this very moment, I still can’t picture myself living all alone when she’s gone. I just don’t dare. My friends who have complete parents, both mom and dad who play their roles, maybe don’t feel the same way like I do. If we have to leave for university or have to separate in certain situations, they will not miss their mom as much as I do because my mom has been a part of me. She did EVERYTHING for me and we often spent our time together.What a father should do for his children, she did it. Everything that a child does with their parents, I did it with mom. Only. Chatting, sharing secrets, discussing, talking about school matters, friends, crushes and the little things,gossipping, asking for permission to go for a school trip, filling a particular form, applying for university, buying groceries, joking, playing with cats, watching movies and the like. Never a day passed by without us talking about something. Anything. See? That’s the difference. It’s like only the three of us as a family, mom,me and big brother. We’re happy when it’s just us. 

Obviously, my mom is my life, the air I breathe. I don’t give a damn if people label me as a mama’s girl because honestly, I don’t care. She’s everything to me and I don’t expect them to understand. She believes in me as much as I believe in her. She always tells me to go for my passion. ” Do what you want to do. Don’t let others poison your open-minded perspectives and choices,”. She makes me feel secure and teaches me to trust my instincts and decisions. Even if I have a second life, I still want her to be in it and I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else. We’re inseparable.

Mom, I love you so much and I know you know that. My love for you is overpouring, not even words can describe. I promise you that I’ll work hard to be the best daughter and person. I’ll be a writer like you saw in me, I’ll make our dreams come true, that is, travelling to our favourite places. Makkah, London, New Zealand, Amsterdam, Paris, Korea, Italy, anywhere. Tell me what you want and I’ll do it for you. It’s my time now to sacrifice for you and make you happy for as long as you live. So, please mom I beg you. Stop saying that you’ll gone one day and take care of your health so that I can do all those things. I love you mom, till the end of time. Not just love, I NEED YOU. 


One thought on “mom

  1. I just read ur blog dear… tq very much for ur confession i really appreciate it ..tq for being part of my life..u and ur brother are my strength to move on . .lets pray for our happiness and may our dreams come true..

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