So, I got my result for SPM. Alhamdulillah, I’m grateful with my results! I thanked everyone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and also in my prayers. It’s a really dream come true. Until today, it still feels so surreal but I guess it’s worth it after all the best efforts I’ve put in everything; exams. school projects, school events and sports (even though the only contribution I did was my full attendance). It’s just who I am, you know. Giving my all in doing something so that I will not experience any regrets in the future.

And the best part was, my best friend got the same result too! We’ve been together for like almost 8 years now and I’m glad I met her. We shared our achievements and success on the same stage, even our moms cried when taking our photos. We helped each other, either in studies or just daily life. If one of us is a boy, we’ll make a perfect couple! The whole school knows us as best of friends. We literally did everything together. I hope our friendship will continue to grow as long as we live. Talking about her, she whatsapped me few days ago, expressing her disappointment in some of our schoolmates. They posted something about straight A’s result doesn’t guarantee you a bright future. She was very upset because we worked our butt off to get this great result and I could absolutely relate to her.

I mean, yes I do agree that Straight A’s doesn’t mean that you’ll succeed in the future. It’s been proven, I know. One got a flying colours result but he screwed up either in work, with family,or involving in social problems. BUT, it doesn’t happen to everyone. It all depends on US, on who you’ll become,on what you’ll choose and on what you think. Maybe they did those mistakes because of their passive attitude. In that case, we have to be positive. Believe that each and every one of us has their own fate and blessings. Perhaps those who didn’t score well in high school will be success in their work,relationships and life. You see, God is fair. He knows what’s best for us and He will not burden us with too much weight. That’s why the “Nobody’s perfect” quote exists. We all have our own unique strengths and weaknesses, which make us different from each other. People nowadays tend to follow others that they forget to find their true colours. It’s a sad thing. It’ll be so amazing if they’ll start to follow their own dreams and leave traces on a new road.

After the results day, several juniors of mine sent me messages on Facebook, congratulating me and telling me how much I inspired them. One of them even said that I’m her idol! I was definitely surprised but absolutely grateful. Inspiring people has been one of my dreams! It’s an overwhelming memories to have after graduating from school. We were able to leave our remarkable footprints in our beloved school and our teachers’ hearts.

I guess that’s it for today. Gonna be busy with filling college applications and applying scholarships for the next few days. And my best friend? She’ll be leaving for 2 months’ National Service on 7th April. I’ll be so lonely without all the notifications from her.. Till next time! 


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